Quick Comparison & First Impression: Instant Pot IP-DUO60 vs IP-DUO Plus60

Instant Pot is a cult. You know it’s a cult when almost every user says nothing but good things about it and swears by it (look at Apple and Dyson ????). Just have a look at the Facebook group and you can see the user base is growing exponentially. Even on Amazon, it has a rating of 4.7 stars. Even a skeptic like myself bought one and potentially is looking for another 8qt model for soup. It is simply an Internet phenomenon, a true entrepreneur of the internet age (something I aspire on…..) ????

Instant Pot is a multi-function electronic pressure cooker designed by a Canadian – Robert Wang, used to work for Nortel. He is a star and praise everywhere for constantly taking feedback from users to improve the future products.

Instant Pot just released their Spring 2017 refresh: the DUO60 V3, Smart, Plus60 and Ultra

Coincidentally I also have a DUO60 V2 from the USA, and let’s do a quick comparison of DUO60 and DUO Plus60.

On the left, we have the DUO60 and the right is the Plus60. Both of the boxes weigh about the same and dimension are the same. The most obvious thing we can see is the change of the display from the older DUO60’s “red on black” LED to a larger “white on Blue backlight” on the Plus60. The Plus60 also features buttons that are easier to understand and overall a cleaner design or look very similar to a microwave oven. The 2017 refresh definitely gives the Instant Pot a premium look; it fact it looks exactly like the Breville Smart Oven Pro that we have. It matches quite well. The Plus60 buttons have a shorter travel distance (similar to microwave), and the touch feels crisper than the DUO60. On the DUO60 I feel that I have to jab my finger hard for it to register. However, both units feel equally responsive when pressed. The beeps are also in the same volume. I notice there are 2 large warning labels on the Plus60 that are not on the DUO60. I guess more is merrier in Canada.????

The Plus60 has upgraded from “7-in-1” to “9-in-1”, additional functions now include “sterilize”, “cake” and “egg”. Both units are still 6qt @ 1000W

In reality, the additional settings are presets to make the device more user friendly in my opinion. Many have been able to do cakes and eggs with older models. The accessories included are also identical on both units, which includes a rack, spatula, spoon and measuring cup. The stainless steel liner, the base, lid are nearly identical in material and built quality.

If you are already using the DUO series, there is no reason to upgrade as it doesn’t bring a lot of extra to the table, other than cosmetic.

At the time of this writing, the DUO60 V2/V3 (I honestly can’t tell the difference between V2 and V3 other than the cord, possibly some manufacturing improvement) has been discounted. If you missed the sale and doesn’t care about the display, the DUO60 could be better value.

There are other imitations on the marketplace like our older Hannex model, which I believe was made from the same factory of the Instant Pot (look, feel, materials, weight, beeps). The Instant Pot wins hand-down because the star is in the programming and the peer-to-peer support.

Since the information on the DUO60 and Plus60 are online, I am not going to re-post the specifications. Amazon is probably the best place to buy due to possibly the best price, prompt shipping and customer service. I have not seen a lower price than Amazon yet.

IP-DUO60 – http://amzn.to/2p6PTei
IP-DUO Plus60 – http://amzn.to/2qCvDBE

I will do a full review when my wife gets her hand on cooking the first meal. I really look forward to it. ????????